Dye Sub Printers


This printer is powerful but still simple enough for easy trouble shooting. In most cases a technician will not need to be dispatched. LED lights and digital readouts on the boards themselves can determine almost any issue within a few minutes. On this power board, a visible digital display shows the actual voltage being supplied to the entire electronic system. There isn't a single ink pump on this power print engine, making it truly one of the most advanced systems available anywhere. They are built on a solid frame that will last many many years.

Available in the following sizes:




Engineered for Durability

Our print systems combine the latest technology with the highest quality parts. Utilizing a "Make it Simple" philosophy. From the Interactive User Interface to the advanced ink system to the Automatic Media Tender. Our System is the complete system for success.

Superior Technology

At Digitech we continue to develop more advanced technology taking it to the next level. Whether it's designing boards with field replaceable fuses or combining 5 boards into 1, we use technology to simplify.


Product Features

Digital display shows the actual voltage that is being supplied to the entire electronic system power display.

Virtual power display

We use the worlds best print heads. The high speed output combined with the long lasting durability ensure you’re getting the best print every time. 

Print Heads

Digital display shows the actual voltage that is being supplied to the entire electronic system power display.

Interactive user interface

Digitechs ink delivery system delivers ink to the print heads that has been degassed and un agitated since it was poured into the machine.

Uninterrupted Ink Supply

LED self diagnosing & digital readout reducing downtime & technician free repair. Most problems can be solved over the phone.

LED Self Diagnosis


Our Service Guarantee

At Digitech, you’ll find something no other ink and machine provider can deliver: A company that actually answers the phone—and can fix any problem you’re having with your grand-format printer. What’s more, you can depend on Digitech “personalized” service any day of the week. “We aren’t that big OEM that requires a customer number and that requirement to call the “call center” for help.”