Digitech Inks

High quality inks

DigiTech has made formulation changes that have greatly improved the color, ink jetting and adhesion of Jeti inks. We have also improved our fabric and solvent inks. At Digitech we take it to the next level. If you are having trouble duplicating that corporate color, Digitech can help. We offer full color profiling help with ink purchases and we have a G7 Certified Expert on staff.



The name says it all. Many POP applications cannot get matte enough for the customers, the POP-5000 ink from DigiTech answers that challenge. Great color, reliable adhesion, and a steady product for POP applications.  If you’re looking for the look you had with the original Premium ink supplied by Gandinnovations, this is the product for you. Unlike the original “Premium” ink sold by Gandinnovations in the past, this ink is friendly on your print heads. In addition, the color is better than the original!


Digitech R7 Pro UV Inks

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The successor to our popular Pro-UV 1000 ink line. No ink in the industry gives more value than the Pro-UV 1711. This UV ink has great “jetting” properties, extreme color capabilities, and excellent adhesion. The total package when it comes to the perfect ink for the Jeti line of UV digital printers. Do the proper maintenance on your Jeti printer and expect the heads to last for years! We took the proven characteristics of the Pro-UV 1000, and through testing and trials, came up with an ink that has it all. You can expect great color, great adhesion, and a nice semi-gloss finish.


Digitech RS-15 inks

High quality low Odor, high pigment solvent inks.