New Roll to Roll Printer Technology

Digital Media Control (DMC) is the newest development added to all roll to roll printer technology from DigTech Solutions Group. A common problem with the diameter of the media on the supply and the diameter of the media on the take up is that larger diameter rolls move shorter distances and have much less power or torque. Smaller diameter rolls are much stronger much like the gears on a bicycle. 

DMC is a method used in variable frequency drives to control torque of AC electric motors. This involves calculating and estimate of the motor's magnetic flux and torque based on the measured voltage and current of the motor. DigiTech software identifies the range by reading the values of the torque on the index or stepper roller motor. By putting the machine into DMC mode the software simply follows the torque values and automatically makes adjustments on the fly to compensate for the different diameters of the "supply" and "take up" media rolls. This process is especially effective on printing direct to stretchy fabrics, however; it's very beneficial to all RTR printing substrates. This process also eliminates the need for dancer bars that are much less effective for the broader range of substrates. 

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