Digitech in Chile!

Digitech recently traveled to Santiago, Chile to do an onsite install of a grand-format dye sub printer.  Customer name runs a medium sized print shop that prints everything from billboards, to signs to wraps. He needed a printer that was more reliable than his current one and one which he could run 24/7 to meet the demands of his growing client base. He had heard about Digitech's great reputation through friends and contacted us to learn more about the products them t and a few weeks later we were on a plane headed to Chile. Customer name said choosing a Digitech printer was a no brainer because it's the best value printer on the market and the customer service can't be beat. He's been able to increase productivity for his entire shop over the past month and doesn't have to worry about servicing his machine. 


Customer name?

Why did they choose DIgitech?

How did they hear about Digitech?

How has the printer helped their business?