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With an unmatched Performance/Quality/Value ratio, the Matan is the first choice for all high-quality and high-performance applications. Combining 8-color printing with the patent-pending PDS technology, the Matan delivers unprecedented high-definition print quality. Top of Matan includes a unique package of value-added features and options, ensuring increased productivity, minimal waste, reduced labor and unrivaled ease of use, guaranteeing the highest and fastest ROI in the market.

High-definition 8-color
POP & POS printing

• 8-color printing, combined with Matan’s
  patent-pending PDS technology, for
  high-definition POP & POS print quality
• Smooth gradients and skin tones
• Vivid colors

PDS (Parallel Drop Size) technology

• Enables printing of small 20pl and 40pl
  in the same printing pass. 20pl drops
  enhance print quality with fine details
  and smooth images 40pl drops achieve
  ink coverage and density
• High production print velocity is
  maintained while achieving high
  definition print quality
• Ensures smooth gradients and
  skin tones, vivid colors and
  reduced graininess
• PDS is available in 4 and 8 colors

Best Performance

• Unsurpassed high production velocity
   - Matan 5m – (16 ft) –
     up to 353 m2/hr (3800 ft2/hr)
   - Matan 3m – (11.4 ft) –
     up to 278 m2/hr (3000 ft2/hr)
• 8-color PDS high-definition printing
• Fast and simple 4 to 8-color switching
  with minimal ink wastage
• 600 dpi true resolution
• Up to 2 years outdoor durability with
  flexible ‘Matan UV’ inks

Best Versatility

• Roll-to-roll, including multi roll
• Flatbed option, with automatic
  loader & un-loader
• Supports a wide range of flexible and
  rigid media

Best Cost of Ownership

• 300% better media utilization
• Exceptionally low ink consumption –
  180 m2/liter (1940 ft2/liter) on average*
• Media Saving Wizard – revolutionizes
  media stock management, eliminating
  media waste
• Supports low-cost recyclable media

Easy & economical 4 to
8-color switching

• Enables quick and easy switching
  between 4 and 8-color printing modes
• High versatility, enables spectrum of
  applications from POP to Billboards
• Quick ink switching time – only
  several minutes
• Minimal ink wastage
• Enables printing several job types
  during the same day

Software version 7

The Matan front-end software version 7
includes improved GUI and features that
increase productivity & yield, such as:
• Media Saving Wizard
• Multi File Optimizer
• Resume Print
• Context Sensitive Help

Best Usability

• iPhone application for remote
  printer monitoring
• Mobile operator station with
  touch screen
• Single-operator loading system
• Carriage height adjustment and
  wrinkle analyzer
• Advanced front end features
  - Multi file optimizer
  - Resume print
  - Context Sensitive Help

Best Environmentally Friendly Solution

• Uses ‘Matan UV’ low odor ‘Green’ inks
• Eliminates exposure to hazardous fumes
  and expensive venting systems
• Supports a wide range of recyclable
  media, including PE
• Lowers environmental costs and
  minimizes waste disposal

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